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Baby, Don't Go

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Baby, Don't Go

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Southern town seeks single women.Though they're nothing but trouble...The hardheaded Armstrong brothers are determined to rebuild their tornado--ravaged hometown in the Georgia mountains. They've got...
Southern town seeks single women.Though they're nothing but trouble...The hardheaded Armstrong brothers are determined to rebuild their tornado--ravaged hometown in the Georgia mountains. They've got...
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  • Southern town seeks single women.

    Though they're nothing but trouble...

    The hardheaded Armstrong brothers are determined to rebuild their tornado--ravaged hometown in the Georgia mountains. They've got the means, they've got the manpower...what they need are women! So they place an ad in a Northern newspaper and wait for the ladies to arrive...

    Eldest brother Marcus Armstrong considers the estrogen--influx an irritating distraction. He's running a town, not a dating service!

    Reporter Alicia Randall thinks the Armstrong brothers are running a scam and she intends to prove it--even if it means seducing oh--so--sexy Marcus in the process. Sizzling sex and a hot story? Win--win!

    At least it is, until she falls for the guy. Will love trump betrayal when the truth comes out?

  • From the book

    Alicia Randall burst into her editor's office. "I have my next story!"

    Nina Halleck, executive editor of Feminine Power magazine, looked up from her desk and laughed. "Please, come in."

    Alicia smirked. "Sorry, Nina, but you're not going to believe this. There's a small town in Georgia that imported women for their men."

    Nina squinted. "Mail order brides?"

    "More like bringing the entire catalog to town for the men to browse," Alicia said dryly.

    Nina pursed her mouth. "Okay, that's a spin on matchmaking. What's the name of the town?"

    Alicia settled a hip on the edge of Nina's desk, distantly registering the Manhattan skyline view. "The place is called Sweetness. Isn't that great? I can't make this stuff up."

    "Was there a shortage of women in this Sweetness?"

    "Apparently, it was an abandoned mountain town that was being rebuilt, and there were no women. So a year ago the town leaders--all men--took out an ad in a newspaper in the town of Broadway, Michigan for--" she looked at her notes "--single women with a pioneering spirit, offering free room and board, and lots of single, Southern men."

    "Why Broadway, Michigan?"

    "From what I can gather, Broadway was hit particularly hard by the downturn in the economy. I guess they thought women there would be desperate to relocate."

    "Did anyone respond?"

    "Yes...a large group of women went down, a hundred or so." "And?"

    "And--" Alicia leaned forward. "I want to go down there and see what's going on. It could be my next topic for the Undercover Feminist column."

    Nina set down her pen. "Do you think they're doing something illegal?"

    "Not necessarily. But doesn't it assault your sensibilities to think of a group of Neanderthals advertising for women to come and service them?"

    "Do the Neanderthals have a name?"

    Alicia checked her notes again. "Armstrong--

    Marcus, Kendall and Porter Armstrong--brothers. Apparently they grew up in Sweetness. About ten years ago, an F-5 tornado blew the town off the map."

    Nina grimaced. "Loss of life?"

    "None. It was called the Sweetness Miracle. "

    "I think I remember when that happened. I was writing copy for TV news." Nina glanced upward, as if she were searching her memory banks. "No one was killed, but every building and home was destroyed...and maybe a water tower survived? Something like that."

    "Sounds right."

    "Hmm. So these Armstrong brothers are restoring their hometown?"

    "According to the town website, they have a federal grant to rebuild based on a green initiative--recycling, alternative energy, tree-hugger stuff."


    "It's a great cover," Alicia agreed. "Especially if they're starting their own commune."

    "So what do you have in mind for a story?"

    "I want to do an expose of this chauvinistic matchmaking experiment of theirs."

    "By going undercover? As what?"

    "What else? A woman with a pioneering spirit looking for a single, Southern man."

    Nina released a laugh. "You, on a manhunt?

    Alicia, when was the last time you even had a boyfriend?"

    Alicia narrowed her eyes. "I wrote an entire feature on why that B-word should be stricken from every woman's vocabulary."

    "I remember," Nina said. "Sorry--old habits die hard. Besides,...

About the Author-
  • Stephanie Bond was seven years deep into a computer career and pursuing a master's degree at night when an instructor remarked she had a flair for writing and encouraged her to submit to academic journals. Once the seed was planted, however, Stephanie immediately turned to creating romance fiction in her spare time.

    "I never saw myself as a comedy writer, until a Harlequin editor asked if I could write comedy. I lied and said not only did I write comedy, but I had a great idea for a book she might be interested in, and shot her an idea from the top of my head. When she said she liked it, I told her I had three chapters finished to send her right away. Then I went home and wrote like a madwoman. That book was my first Harlequin comedy, Irresistible."

    Harlequin purchased Irresistible from Stephanie in the fall of 1995 for their Love and Laughter line. In another two years, she left her computer career to write full-time. She now writes for the Harlequin Temptation and Harlequin Blaze lines, having gained notoriety for her spicy romantic comedies, such as Too Hot to Sleep and It Takes a Rebel.

    Stephanie lives with her husband in Atlanta, Georgia, her laptop permanently attached to her body. Readers can write her at P.O. Box 54266, Atlanta, GA 30308, or through her web site.

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Baby, Don't Go
Baby, Don't Go
Stephanie Bond
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Baby, Don't Go
Baby, Don't Go
Stephanie Bond
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