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The Vampire Journals, Book 3
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In BETRAYED (Book #3 in the Vampire Journals), Caitlin Paine awakes from a deep coma to discover she has been turned. Now a true, full-bred vampire, she marvels at her new powers, including her ability...
In BETRAYED (Book #3 in the Vampire Journals), Caitlin Paine awakes from a deep coma to discover she has been turned. Now a true, full-bred vampire, she marvels at her new powers, including her ability...
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  • In BETRAYED (Book #3 in the Vampire Journals), Caitlin Paine awakes from a deep coma to discover she has been turned. Now a true, full-bred vampire, she marvels at her new powers, including her ability to fly, and her superhuman strength. She finds that her true love, Caleb, is still by her side, waiting patiently for her to recover. She has everything she could dream of.

    Until it all, suddenly, goes terribly wrong.

    Caitlin is horrified to discover Caleb with his ex-wife, Sera, and before Caleb has a chance to explain, Caitlin tells him to leave. Heartbroken, confused, Caitlin wants to curl up and die, her only consolation being in her wolf-pup Rose.

    Caitlin also finds consolation in her new surroundings. She finds she has been placed on a hidden island in the Hudson River—Pollepel—amidst an elite coven of teenage vampires, boys and girls alike, 24 in all, including her. She learns that this is a place for outcasts, just like her, and as she meets her new best friend, Polly, and begins her training in elite vampire combat, she realizes that she might finally have a place to call home.

    But a major vampire war is looming, and her brother Sam is still out there, kidnapped by Samantha. The evil Kyle, too, now wielding the mythical Sword, is still on the warpath, and he will stop at nothing to wipe out New York. Caitlin, despite her new home, and despite her finding a new love interest in the elusive vampire Blake, knows that she can only stay on this island for so long before her destiny calls. After all, she is still the One, and all eyes still look to her to find her father and the other weapon that might save them all.

    Torn between her new friends and her lingering feelings for Caleb, she must come to decide where her true loyalties lie, and whether she is willing to risk it all to try to find Caleb and have him in her life once again....

    BETRAYED is Book #3 in the Vampire Journals (following TURNED and LOVED), and yet it also stands alone as a self-contained novel. BETRAYED is over 60,000 words.

    {Book #4 in the series—DESTINED—is now also available, at 63,000 words, and Book #5 in the series—DESIRED—is now also available, at 70,000 words, and Book #6 in the series—BETROTHED—is now also available at just under 70,000 words}

  • Chapter 1


    60 miles north of Manhattan, there exists a small, obscure island in the Hudson River on which sits a crumbling Scottish castle. This island is known as Pollepel, and was named after a young girl, Polly, who hundreds of years ago, was stranded on the ice of the Hudson and ended up on its shores. Legend has it she was romantically rescued by her sweetheart, who married her on the island.

    "Threescore and ten I can remember well,

    Within the volume of which time I have seen

    Hours dreadful and things strange; but this sore night

    Hath trifled former knowings."

    —William Shakespeare, Macbeth


    Pollepel Island, Hudson River, New York

    (Present Day)

    "Caitlin?" came the soft voice. "Caitlin?"

    Caitlin Paine heard the voice, and struggled to open her eyes. They were so heavy, though; no matter how much she tried, she could barely lift them. Finally, she managed to pry them open, just for a brief second, to see where the voice was coming from.


    He was kneeling by her side, holding her hand in both of his, concern etched across his face.

    "Caitlin?" he asked again.

    She tried to get her bearings, to lift the immense cobwebs from her head. Where was she? She could see enough to see that this room was bare, made of stone. It was nighttime, and a large window let in the light of a full moon. Stone floors, stone walls, an arched, stone ceiling. The stone looked smooth and ancient. Was she in a medieval cloister?

    Aside from the moonlight, the room was lit only by a small torch, fixed to the far wall, and not giving off much light. It was too dark to see more.

    She tried to focus on Caleb's face, so close, only a foot away, staring at her hopefully. His eyes seemed to light up, as he squeezed her hand tighter. His hands felt warm. Hers were so cold. She couldn't feel the life in them.

    Despite her efforts, Caitlin couldn't hold her eyes open a second longer. They were just too heavy. She felt...sick was not the word. She felt...heavy. She felt free-floating, as if she were in limbo, stuck between two worlds. She didn't feel connected to her body, didn't feel like a part of the earth anymore. But she didn't feel dead, either. She felt as if she were trying to awaken from a very, very deep sleep.

    She struggled to remember. Boston...the King's Chapel...the sword. And then...getting stabbed. Lying there, dying. And Caleb at her side. And then...his fangs. Approaching her.

    Caitlin felt a dull, throbbing pain on the side of her throat. It must have been from where she'd been bit. She had asked for it—had pleaded for it.

    But the way she felt now, she was not sure she should have. She didn't feel right. She felt an icy, cold blood racing through her veins. She felt as if she had died, but had not taken the next step. As if she were stuck.

    More than anything, she felt pain. A dull, throbbing pain in her lower right side, and in her stomach. It must be from where she'd been stabbed.

    "What you are going through is normal," Caleb said softly. "Don't be afraid. We all go through it when we are first turned. It will get better. I promise you. The pain will go away."

    She wanted to smile, to reach up and caress his face. The sound of his voice made everything perfect in the world. It made all of this worth it. She would be with him forever, now, and that gave her hope.

    But she was too tired. Her body was not responding to what her brain wanted. She couldn't get her lips to smile, and she couldn't summon the strength to lift her hand. She felt herself drifting back into sleep...

    Suddenly, her thoughts shifted again, jolting her awake. The was lying there, and then...stolen. Who had it now?

About the Author-
  • While Morgan has been writing for many years, THE VAMPIRE JOURNALS is Morgan's first vampire series. Among Morgan's many influences are Anne Rice and Stephenie Meyer, along with classics like Shakespeare and the Bible. Morgan lives in New York City.

    Please visit to find links to stay in touch with Morgan via Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, the blog, and a whole bunch of other places. Morgan loves to hear from you, so don't be shy and check back often!

  • —VampireBookSite "BETRAYED is a great installment for this series. Morgan Rice has really come up with a winner in this series. It is fast paced, filled with action, love, suspense, and intrigue. If you haven't read her first two novels, read them and then get your hands on BETRAYED. I read these books in order, but each of these books are also designed to read individually, so even if you haven't read the first two, pick up BETRAYED. I'm sure you will end up getting the first two - they are all definitely worth a read...or two!"
  • The Dallas Examiner "The cliffhanger at the end of BETRAYED will leave the reader panting for more, and BETRAYED receives a solid A for its face paced read, and imaginative story."
  • The Romance Reviews "BETRAYED has good romance, a strong plot, lots of action, and a very quick pace. It is written a bit darker than the previous installments, but we get more of the back-story, helping us to understand the characters a bit more. The secondary characters become stronger and help to build the different story lines together....Morgan Rice has taken the story to a higher level. There are so many wonderful surprises that you will not want to stop reading it until the very end."
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The Vampire Journals, Book 3
Morgan Rice
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The Vampire Journals, Book 3
Morgan Rice
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